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Understand day-to-day technology that has the potential to impact on your children's data and privacy

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We give you the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to foster safe online practices

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We help you become a confident and safe user of technology services

What we do

We help parents, grand parents, guardians and carers manage data and privacy related risks for their children in the digital world. We help you understand day-to-day technology that has the potential to impact on your children’s data and privacy and help you become a confident and safe user of technology services. ParentSecure is for you if you care about your children’s data and privacy in the digital world.

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“I had no idea that something so simple as using free wifi could have serious data and privacy consequences.”

“It’s great to see original and unbiased content that is focused on online safety for parents. Very pertinent to what’s happening with our data today and very much needed at the moment.”

“As a parent, I do worry about my children’s device usage and digital habits, but I think you are right that I have to lead by example.”

“Online safety education for parents plus technical support. Can’t fault it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, guardians, carers, and grand parents. Children learn by doing and emulating what their parents, grand parents, guardians and carers do. We believe that the best way to educate children about safe online practices is through their parents and guardians, who can set a good example of how to safely and confidently use technology and online services.

Get unrestricted access to all member content including members-only downloads and unlimited technical support via email and access our services at heavily discounted prices. Every membership helps other parents like you. 

Yes, we do. You can buy a gift membership right from this home page. 

Yes, we can. Our corporate offer helps you to embed continuous learning for your staff and customers on matters related to privacy, online safety, and data protection. It also enhances staff and customer well-being. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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About ParentSecure

ParentSecure was founded by Krishna Yergol. Krishna is a Chief Technology Officer for a local authority in England, a Non-Executive Board member for a Children’s Services organisation in London and a Progression and Business Mentor for The Prince’s Trust. The seeds for ParentSecure were sown when Krishna discovered the massive amounts of misinformation surrounding the use of online services and the assumptions that parents and children were making about the safety and security of their personal data and privacy online. 


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Important Notice

If you are concerned about a child that is being bullied online, please visit

If you are looking for information on keeping yourself or a child you know safe from child sexual exploitation, please visit

If you are worried that your child is being groomed online or sexually exploited, you should report your concerns to CEOP

If you have concerns about a child’s safety and wellbeing, you can report it to the NSPCC