ParentSecure interview with Stuart Coulson, Parent and Security Advocate


Interview with Stuart Coulson (HiddenText – Stuart Coulson is a Dad, a Cyber Security Advocate, and the Director of HiddenText. Our talk is wide-ranging yet remains focused on keeping children safe online as a central theme.

Hidden Text ( specialises in security education awareness campaigns, security consulting, and mentoring services.

He shares his perspectives as a Dad bringing up children with ever-present technology around us, and his insights on keeping children safe online.

Amongst other things, we talk about teaching children online safety awareness from a young age, transparency of devices at home, scams, pop-up messages, free enticements, clicking on links, video streaming platforms e.g. TikTok, parental control options on google family, microsoft family and apple family, email accounts, age ratings, blocking apps and trolls online, payment controls, time limits and healthy learning approaches such as brain/book/buddy/boss instead of reaching for your smartphone and asking Google for example.

We also talk about sensory overload for children as a result of devices and constant connectivity, gaming, and school information systems before summarising Stuart’s recommendations for parents including references and books.

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